First post and summary/review of Kuchisake Onna

Hello and welcome to my blog. In this blog ill be reading scary stories, myths, and legends. then i’ll be summarizing them, then giving my thoughts on them and how much i enjoyed the story. I thought for my first story i would read about a Japanese urban legend called, Kuchisake Onna, better known as the slit mouth woman.

this myth takes place in Japan, when children started acting strangely on their ways home from school. Children were watching the bottoms of telephone polls looking for a women with long black hair and a surgical mask. the children feared this woman as they thought she was an evil spirit. If a kid was unlucky enough to run into her she would seemingly materialize in front of them and a she would ask them a question “do you think i’m beautiful’. when presented with this question the kid would have two options at that point to say yes or no, If the kid said no she would produce a kitchen knife and kill the kid, if on the other hand they answered with a yes she would takeoff her mask reveling her mouth “slit” from ear to ear. she would then say what about now. if the child said yes this time she would use her knife to slit the child’s mouth to look like hers, if the child said no she would cut them in half, if the child tried to run away  she would run in front of them and ask again. the only way to survive would be for the child to give an uncommitted answer like so-so or you look OK, or anything along those lines. the answer would confuse her and give the child just enough time to run away and get to safety.

I enjoyed this story and loved how creepy it is, it may not be the most original but its still fairly well put together and  would suggest you to go look up more about it.

i got my info from the following sites I recommend you visit them


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