2233464242 recap/ review/last post

2233564242 is a story about a man who wants to watch shows on Netflix but is incapable of doing so because the shows are not on in the region he lives in. so he has the brilliant idea to change his dns code so that he could watch his shows, he finally finds one that works and puts it in to his Xbox the the story picks up the next day with him returning from work and wanting to watch Netflix. once he gets on Netflix he sees a show in his recently watched list that he ha-dent ever seen before he decides to check it out, and is greeted with a barrage of very disturbing pictures of animals and people with a high pitch screaming in the background then his power go’s out and he starts crying, he eventually go’s and turns the power back on when he checks his X box his dns code has been turned back to normal and Netflix had been deleted from the hard drive. the story ends with protagonist telling us that after a while he realized that the dns code was his IP address.

this story was one giant cliche and i hated it, it was insulting that people still write trash like that, and still expect people to like it. the first point is how did the show even end up on the Netflix service? the second point is how can a program on a gaming consul shut off the power of the guys power, also why did someone throw together a disturbing compilation of animals and people, whats the point? how did whoever the person that did this to him get his IP address and then how did he make it compatible with Netflix and how did the protagonist not notice his IP address. when his power went out why did he just sit there and cry? did he want to get killed how was Netflix get deleted and his IP address get reset if his power was out and why did he not call the cops? the final thing is that he said he does not watch Netflix anymore that is such a cliche in the world of creepypasta. I give this story a double face palm… it was that bad.



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